Open Mic playlist for 07/09/2022

Artist Title Album Label Link
Logan and Nathan Lonely The Happening
Logan and Nathan The Happening The Happening
Logan and Nathan Where Do We Go The Happening
MAITA A Beast Best Wishes
MAITA Someone's Lost Their WalletSomeone's Lost Their Wallet Best Wishes
MAITA I'm Afraid Of Everything Best Wishes
Little Kid I Thought That You'd Been Rapture Transfiguration Highway
Little Kid Transfiguration Highway Transfiguration Highway
Little Kid Losing Transfiguration Highway
Lady Legs Patience Off Days
Lady Legs Learning from Myself Off Days
Lady Legs Thank You Off Days
Missy D Paint Yes Mama
Missy D You Yes Mama
Missy D Au Revoir Yes Mama
Rachel Beck Warrier Stronger Than You Know
Rachel Beck Stronger Than You Know Stronger Than You Know
Program Audio: 

Jumbalaya 2020 0702 Jacky Shen Jumbalaya 2020 0702 Jacky Shen with new albums from CJSF HD Playlist, featuring music from Logan and Nathan, Lady Legs, Little Kid, MAITA, Rachel Beck and Missy D.

  • Posted on: 3 April 2022
  • By: anik