Open Mic playlist for 05/14/2020

Artist Title Album Label Link
Kate Bush Leave It Open The Dreaming
Bjork Violently Happy (Basso Hitto Dubbo) Violently Happy
Crack Cloud Ouster Stew Pain Olympics
Fiona Apple I Want You to Love Me Fetch The Bolt Cutters
Destroyer Crimson Tide Have We Met
Sufjan Stevans Love Yourself (1996 Demo) Love Yourself
Sinead O'Connor Jerusalem Lion and The Cobra
Nutrients Hooked On This Feeling Nutrients
Modest Mouse Edit the Sad Parts (Live) Interstate 8
Current Obsessions Faceless Rite Current Obsessions
Blooming Season Harmony Living Feeling
J alpinist Spring Fling l
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Jumbalaya With Duncan

  • Posted on: 7 April 2022
  • By: anik