Open Mic playlist for 02/01/2023

Artist Title Album Label Link
Shikoswe Secret Bower Back in the Tall Grass
All We Are trio Utmost Good All We Are
Marie Ulven Girls Girl in Red
Okay Kayla Baby Little Tween Watch This Liquid Pour Itself
V.V Lightbody If It's not me Make A Shine or Burn iT

Hello everyone!

For today’s open mic, Pranjali presented relevant work on myths around the Internet, assumptions we make about technological “advancement” and societies around that. She talked about what an ubiquitous presence of technology and forthcoming AI might mean for our daily lives. Some book recommendation from the segment: 

Algorithms of Opression  by Safiya Umoja Noble.


Now enjoy the episode and tune in above!

  • Posted on: 7 February 2023
  • By: Vivienne