Open Mic playlist for 01/24/2020

Artist Title Album Label Link
Chad VanGaalen Bones of Man soft airplane
Horrors, The Moving Further Away skying
Rapture, The The Sound pieces of the people we love
Plazas Deeper Than Blue distant desires
OCS Memory of a Cut Off Head memory of a cut off head
OKGB I Can't Help But Laugh communist love
Eerie Wanda Couldn't Tell pet town
Doughboys, The Fix Me crush
Ariel Pink Time To Live dedicated to bobby jameson
Fountain Detonation Level Raw laughing through traffic
Health Before Tigers (CFCF Remix) disco 2
Omni Jungle Jenny deluxe
Apples In Stereo Silver Chain tone soul evolution
Real Estate It's Real days
Metronomy I'm Aquarius love letters
My Morning Jacket Lay Low z
Grandaddy Taster complex party come along theories
Hot Panda Other Spooky Is bad pop
Kasabian Stuntman empire
Porches Find Me the house
Tops Dayglow Bimbo sugar at the gate
Whitney K Take All My Money when the party's over
Deerhoof Running Thoughts the runners four
Shins, The Caring Is Creepy oh, inverted world
PVT Evolution homosapien
Danava Spinning Temple Shifting unonou
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  • Posted on: 10 April 2022
  • By: anik