Open Mic playlist for 01/05/2023

Artist Title Album Label Link
Elan Noon, Sussy False Idols Have A Spirit Filled
Dani Martin La Suerte de Mi Vida No,No Vuelve
Medium Build Never Learned To Dance Single
Benjamin Clementine Atonement And I Have Been
Billiane No Wonder Single
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Hi it's Vivienne,

another year, another show of mine. Today's episode is all about New Year's resolutions, the year of the rabbit, George Washington Carver day and some dope new music. I also talked about how to make your New Year's resolutions more realistic and did some research.  A YouTube Video helped me a lot to reflect my own resolutions and some articles as well. If you're still lost in all of the possible new year's resolutions out there; here is a list that helped me a lot to find my resolutions that eventually will help me to improve my current lifestyle.

1. Focus on your inner health
2. Set specific, attainable goals (time + date) ditch the broad goals like “wake up early”
3. “Workout to FEEL good, not to LOOK good.” (Move your body for 30 min/day stretching, walking your dog etc.)
4. “Give at least ONE compliment a day to someone :)”
5. “Stop gossiping/engaging in drama” not worth the energy - you can listen though :)
6. “Keep a journal” (Eg. write down your dreams, make to-do lists, write down goals, etc.”
7. “Write down ONE thing your grateful for every night before bed.” (Can take 30 sec)
8. “Drink more water!!!”
9. “Call instead of text”
10. “Clean ur car out once a month - set a date”
11. “Be kind on social media :)” think twice about writing a “funny” comment
12. “Let go of grudges”
13. “Start cooking/baking more” (Find new recipes to make to spice it up)
14. “Donate clothes” (Clean out closet)
15. “Make your bed everyday”
16. “Limit your screen time” go into settings and check your screen time - set a goal for yourself - even an hour less is better than none
17. “Put your phone down an hour before bed” (Tik tok rabbit hole isn’t worth loosing sleep over)
18. “Charge your phone in a different room than where you sleep”
19. “Limit unhealthy/unnecessary foods” (limit the foods that don’t make you feel good) Treat your body like it’s a car engine - fill it with good nourishing food

But most important thing: It's okay to fail, that's normal and healthy and you always learn from your mistakes!

Happy New Year 2023 and tune in above ,

Vivienne :)

  • Posted on: 5 January 2023
  • By: Vivienne