The Metal Meltdown playlist for 10/31/2022

Artist Title Album Label Link
Blood Of The Phoenix Signs of War From What We Used To Know - Single
Fallen Stars BC Devil Among Us Execution
Unleash the Archers Soulbound Abyss
Hyperia Prisoner of the Mind Silhouettes of Horror
Heterochrome The Bearing From the Ashes
Sumo Cyco Bad News Initiation
Anarcheon Transyldrainia (feat. Sunshine the Bard) Scary Tale - Single
The Vth Circle The Intense Vibrations Single
Juliet Ruin Fake Stigmata Dark Water - EP
Within Nostalgia Endless Night Single
Protokult Oy Kanada! Transcending the Ruins
The Agonist Resurrection Days Before the World Wept - EP
Ophelia Falling Witigo Destroyed in Delight
Crown of Madness Pale (feat. Claine Lamb) The Void - EP
Red Handed Denial Father Said I'd Rather Be Asleep
Syryn Sink or Swim Heads or Tails
Valfreya Mortal Supremacy Promised Land
Motion Device Blinfold It Away Motion Device IV
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  • Posted on: 30 October 2022
  • By: doranstein