The Metal Meltdown playlist for 10/30/2017

Artist Title Album Label Link
Slayer Black Magic Show No Mercy
Special Ops Salt Baby Take It All (EP)
Dead Asylum Bury The Living Death Always Wins
Helloween Halloween Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part I
Bloody Benders Nightmare in the Elm Street Demo
Mad Marge and The Stonecutters Monsters Mad Marge and The Stonecutters
The Misfits Halloween Single
Bloody Benders La Llorona Demo
Zombina and The Skeletones Nobody Likes You (When You're Dead) Taste the Blood of Zombina and the Skeletones
Schoolyard Heroes Cemetery Girls Abominations
Special Ops Dead Are Calling Baby Take It All (EP)
Special Ops Baby Take It All Baby Take It All (EP)
Nervosa Surrounded By Serpents Agony
Cradle of Filth Halloween II Thornography
Celtic Frost Nocturnal Fear Morbid Tales
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast Live at Donington
Type O Negative Black Sabbath Nativity In Black: A Tribute To Black Sabbath
Grieve Grave The Grief Wheel
Program Audio: 

Interview with AK Johnson from "Special Ops" and an All Hallows' Eve Special.

  • Posted on: 4 November 2017
  • By: doranstein