The Metal Meltdown playlist for 10/05/2020

Artist Title Album Label Link
Candlemass The Pendulum The Pendulum
Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats Shockwave City Wasteland
Jinjer On the Top Macro
Sleepwraith A Demon's Pawn and the Abyss Day Terrors
Crematory Unbroken Unbroken
Her Chariot Awaits Dead & Gone Her Chariot Awaits
Diabulus In Musica One Step Higher Euphonic Entropy
Pink Cocoon No Control No Control
Two Car Train The Door The Door
Killitorous Married with Children The Afterparty
Imonolith Dig State of Being
Ozzy Osbourne Under the Graveyard Ordinary Man
Dio Living the Lie Master of the Moon
Itus Primordial Primordial
Benevolent Like Quietus Dawn of Rust Kill the Bliss
Maudiir Product Le Temps Peste
Beneath the Massacre Treacherous Fearmonger
Strike Master Cosmic Owl Ritual Death Based Illusions
Lena Scissorhands All the Things She Said (Feat. Chase the Comet) All the Things She Said
Acero de Guerra Gritos De Batalla Gritos De Batalla
Semblant Murder of Crows Obscura
Buffer Fraude Nuestro Neophopia 2.0
Anarcheon Etherous Claws Stratusfear (EP)
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Amazing show!

  • Posted on: 30 October 2020
  • By: doranstein