The Metal Meltdown playlist for 09/03/2018

Artist Title Album Label Link
Valyria Final Empire Into The Dying of Time
Valyria Steel Inquisition Into The Dying of Time
Centauro Colmando Un Oscuro Vacio Daño Colateral
KOSM Ancient Heart Ancient Heart (Single)
Windhand Grey Garden Eternal Return
Massive Scar Era Color Blind Color Blind (Single)
Cemican Mixteco (Ocho Venado Garra Jaguar) Ticateh Ipan Miquixtlahuac
Lost Nebula Freewill Qualia
Into Eternity The Sirens The Sirens
Valyria The Crossing Into The Dying of Time
Valyria Floating World Into The Dying of Time
DelDesierto El Llamado El Llamado
Obsidian Among The Masses Into Oblivion
Forsaken Rite The Hero's Path The Northern Saga
Suicidal Tendencies F.U.B.A.R. (Radio Edit) STill Cyco Punk After All These Years
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Interview with Jeremy Puffer of Valyria.

  • Posted on: 3 September 2018
  • By: doranstein