The Metal Meltdown playlist for 05/30/2022

Artist Title Album Label Link
Heterochrome The Bearing From the Ashes
Blood Of The Phoenix Lady of the Plagued From What We Used To Know - Single
Van Canto Raise Your Horns To the Power of Eight
Strike Master Cosmic Owl Ritual Death Based Illusions - EP
Param-Nesia Pestilence of Man Aspect of Creation - EP
Jaded Truth Saturn's Refrain Tsukimono
Fallen Stars BC Trial By Fire Execution
The Way of Purity Mandament Schwarz Oder Rot
Heterochrome Time's Up From the Ashes
Heterochrome The Outlaw From the Ashes
Maitreya Summit Hyper Reels
Crypta From the Ashes Echoes of the Soul
Transmetal Sepelio en el Mar Sepelio en el Mar
Unleash the Archers Faster than Light Abyss
Maudiir Fracture La Part du Diable - EP
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  • Posted on: 13 June 2022
  • By: doranstein