IntraVenus playlist for 12/14/2022

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Tracey Thorn Sister record
Bella Blair Punchin Bag SIngle
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 Hi there,

today we talked about gender-based violence, the Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women day and reflected the BWSS Webinar "Colour of Violence- Race, Gender and Anti-Violence Services" , that we joined two weeks ago. This show also included an interview with Dr. Angela Brooks-Wilson as well. With her we talked about women in engineenring and how women in STEM are threated right now and what problems they still have to face.

We also had a chat about the Colour of Violence - Race, Gender and Anti-Violence Services Report and what we learned from it. The report enlighten about ongoing support service issues, how intersectionality plays a big role in GBV and more. It is really worth reading it , because it helps you understand the current issues in our society,  gives you a whole new lens to look on things and helps you reflecting yourself and your own actions.

So please enjoy and tune in!




  • Posted on: 14 December 2022
  • By: Vivienne