Department Uno playlist for 02/16/2024

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Ep.55 - "Family Fifty-Five"

Ruiqi Wang "Xiang Leng Jin Ni No.1" - Subduing the Silence
Ruiqi Wang "A Descent of Lillies" - Subduing the Silence
Tiga & Hudson Mohawke "Polyvoxx" - L'Ecstasy
Sign Libra "Amber" - Hidden Beauty
respectfulchild "bubble" - 更新 re​:​new
Sean Luciw "Zeus Odin Icarus Neptune Kronos Sisyphus" - Jazz for Jinkies
Jake Ian "Thief River Falls" - Lawrence
Francesco Crosara "One Day Honey One Day Onions" - Circular Motion
Davis Hall & The Green Lanterns "Winger (The Reluctant Cosmonaut Mix)" - The Reluctant Cosmonaut Mixes
Jordan Astra "Stay A While" - Man From East
Drummachinemike "Pagers" - The Space Between
Analogue Monsta "Conversion Theory" - BOOM
toechter "Alive, Abloom" - Epic Wonder
Patrick Holland "Daytime Disturbance" - Infra



  • Posted on: 16 February 2024
  • By: cjsfmusic