The Arts Show playlist for 11/25/2021

Artist Title Album Label Link
Gadfly Let there be more Light Gadfly
Girlsnails Tapioca Tadpole Girlsnails
Waterfall Eyes 4?-?1, 4?-?1 Lydian EP
Sanfreshes you should call your dad and tell him that you're not coming home Hot Garbage Demos
Future Star Super Trouper from all of these songs are about you (none of these songs are about me)
Spring You're The One Celebration
AC-PDF Act Out N/A
Zulu Panda 3 am Pizza Sad Bastard Music
Milk Jr. Melty Mattress Ranch
The Golden Age of Wrestling rottweiler matriarch // rottweiler (Double A?-?Side)
Auto Syndicate Bongo Dance N/A
Kamikaze Nurse Dead Meat Bucky Fleur
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Shut In Special - Show time and birthdays

  • Posted on: 13 January 2022
  • By: cjsfprog