The Arts Show playlist for 03/28/2019

Artist Title Album Label Link
Apollo Ghosts Lightweight Money Has No Heart
B-lines Opening Band Opening Band
TV Ugly Slow Thighs ucla yankee cola
Bad Fate Strathcona Olympic City
Korean Gut If You Want Your Misery, Our Benefit 7"
Kiss Painting Cop Daddy crowded with fluorescent hum
Love Cuts Hi Smile Wave Love Cuts
Crystal Swells James Crystal Mountain Girls
Lunch Lady Ambrosia Salad Lunchlady
Kidnap Kids Watching Half Chinese / Kidnap Kids
Les Chausettes Kate Kate/Volcano
Other Jesus Horses Everything is Problematic
Cowards ...Success Interviews With Dull Men
Peace Your Hand in Mine The World Is Too Much With Us
Mosfett Riker Logic Mosfett
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Memorey LaneTune in for a trip down memory lane where Jacob talks about all the bands we love that don't play no more

  • Posted on: 2 March 2022
  • By: anik