The Arts Show playlist for 03/21/2019

Artist Title Album Label Link
New Candys Excess Bleeding Magenta
Marie Davidson Point De Non-retour N/a
Zambonies, The Away Game 100% Hockey...and Other Stuff
Sleepy Dog Getting High With Jesus Spere's
Woolworm Sunrock Deserve To Die
Rong Bitter Suite N/a
Shygirl Want More N/a
Total Ed Dumpsters In The Field
Maneater These Days Maneater
Prateek Kuhad For Your Time Cold/Mess
Colin Coawn & The Elastic Stars Cigarettes In The Rain Cosmos in Summer
Stevie's Revenge Broken Radio Stevie's Revenge
Emma Lee Toyoda I Dont wanna play ur show I Dont wanna play ur show
Grace Jones Do or Die Do Or Die
Kellarissa Poppies in July Ocean Electro
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Prateek Kuhad, Glory and Bitch Tapes

  • Posted on: 2 March 2022
  • By: anik