The Arts Edge playlist for 07/17/2020

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Radio Tale #11: Rumours, Surprises & Little White Lies

This personal narrative explores music’s power to express and find one’s voice amid times of girl’s and women’s self advocacy.

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Adkins, A. L. B., & Tedder, R. (2012). Rumor has it. [Recorded by Adele]. On 21 [CD]. Hollywood, CA: XL/Columbia.

Joel, B. (1977). Only the good die young. [Recorded by Billy Joel]. On The stranger [LP]. New York, NY: Columbia.

Kingston, A. (2016). Kathryn Borel: ‘It was death by a thousand cuts, that’s how it felt’. Macleans Magazine. Retrieved from

Nicks, S. (1977). Dreams. [Recorded by Fleetwood Mac]. On Rumors [CD]. Miami, Fl; Sausalito, CA; Hollywood, CA: Warner Bros.

  • Posted on: 13 August 2020
  • By: Annie Roach