Tuedays with Morrie

Anna Santiago

Directed by Bill Millerd, Tuesdays with Morrie returns to the Granville Island Stage from May 1st to June 1st. After watching Tuesdays with Morrie on May 18, Anna Santiago, CJSF correspondent, had this to say…

Although the stage script cut down some parts of the popular book, but the Arts Club Theatre Company still managed to recreate the essence of the story of Morrie and Mitch. With a simple setting and a relatively small cast, Tuesdays with Morrie touches the hearts of its audience.

From best-selling author, Mitch Albom, Tuesdays with Morrie is a reflection on life, love, and friendship. This is the story of an ALS patient and his former student, who after several years meets again. As they journey through the previous years and the remaining days, the professor and the student share what really matters in life and how each relationship can define a part of who we are.

Anthony Holland, winner of the 2007 Jessie Richardson Award, reprises his role as Morrie, while Warren Kimmel plays Mitch. The chemistry between these two great actors is undeniable. Holland captivates the audience with his grieving yet charming portrayal of Morrie while Kimmel delights the audience with his tough, sometimes arrogant portrayal of Mitch. Despite being the only cast, both Holland and Kimmel are able to handle their own on stage.

The play itself is significantly condensed and those who have read the book, like myself, are left wishing that the play brought every bit of the whole book of the whole book to life. While some parts are left out and some characters are not personified, the play filters enough from the storyline to create a cohesive and highly dramatic adaptation.

Tuesdays with Morrie is heartbreaking, insightful and enlightening all at once. Holland’s phenomenal acting leaves the audience with a feeling of melancholy and loss, long after the curtains are closed.  With additional shows scheduled for June 1st, Morrie and Mitch will continue to bring us to tears.

For more information, visit http://www.artsclub.com/ or call (604) 687-1644.

  • Posted on: 18 March 2016
  • By: Administrator