Suds: The Rockin' 60's Musical Soap Opera

Issam Zeibak

On August 18th 2007, Issam Zeibak was seated in the centre of a Theatre supporting SUDS, a play centred around a 1960’s Laundromat owner and her troubled love life. The Granville Island stage was full and ready for song and dance…

Suds is a soap opera with an American 1960’s flare. Sara-Jeanne Hosie plays the lead role of Cindy, a heart broken girl desperate for the man of her dreams. The play progresses with a very spastic and chaotic theme as each scenario is framed around a 1960’s hit or medley. The characters match the pace and feel of the play perfectly: Alison Macdonald (as Dee Dee) and Seana-Lee Wood (as Marge) are guardian angels while Matt Palmer plays every other peculiar character in the play. As Suds’ plot is based around every 1960’s hit of the day, the story thin and the play is hollow, but also stuffed with comedic charm and sarcastic wit.

With every expectation met, Suds proves to be ripped right out of a Looney Tunes cartoon and washed in nostalgic bubblegum pop. The play stands as a testament to honor early pop, rock and roll and American 60’s culture and not necessarily a comedic soap opera. Still, it’s the perfect pop song cliché. It’s quick, fun and plenty tacky.

Suds  plays until August 25th.

Checkout the Alliance Theatre’s website.

  • Posted on: 18 March 2016
  • By: Administrator