The Producers

Kelsey Singbeil

In the Arts Club Theatre’s production of The Producers, everything is fair game. CJSF volunteer, Kelsey Singbeil reviews…

In Mel Brooks’ musical, nothing is sacred.  Business, sexuality, religion; the musical touches on a variety of taboos, as it explores the ins and outs of staging a Broadway flop.

Jay Brazeau as Max Bialystock seems slightly forced, but makes it work as the overbearing, down-on-his-luck veteran producer. Josh Epstein compliments Brazean nicely in his timid approach to the newbie producer, Leo Bloom.  Stealing Bloom’s heart, and a couple laughs is Terra MacLeod as an unabashed Swedish ‘secretary’.

Yet it is the ensemble cast brings that breathes life into the classic Broadway musical, and takes the audience on a song and dance journey.  The musical interludes carry the show from one scene to the next, and punctuate the high and lows of Bialystock and Bloom’s producing (mis)adventures.

The props and sets are impressive and inventive, and allow for seamless transitions between scenes. From an accounting nightmare to granny land, Director, Bill Millerd’s,  use of space is a pleasure to watch.

Mel Brooks’ musical is a well-written and entertaining piece. The Arts Club production is infused with heartfelt song and dance, and light on the acting.  But, if you’re looking for a good way to sing away the afternoon, this is your show.

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  • Posted on: 18 March 2016
  • By: Administrator