Anna Santiago

Winner of the 2007 Tony Awards for Best Revival of a Musical, the Arts Club presented Stephen Sondheim’s Company at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Theatre in Vancouver for a successful run from September 13th to October 14th. CJSF volunteer, Anna Eloiza reviews…

Set in New York City , Company follows the adventures of five couples and their mutual friend, Robert. Matt Palmer is Robert, a bachelor who just turned 35. He embarks on a midlife journey trying to understand why “a person is not complete unless he’s married” and what an “indescribable bliss” marriage is supposed to be, only to learn that some couples stay together just for the company. A series of vignettes introduce each relationship to the audience through Robert’s encounters with each couple.

With its delightful performances and great ensemble, Company captured the hearts of its audience. Company exhibits well-choreographed performances of songs like Company, The Little Things You Do Together, You Could Drive a Person Crazy and Sorry-Grateful. Paul and Amy’s Getting Married Today seemed to be the most loved act earning a standing ovation from some of its audience. Dressed in an elaborate wedding gown, Tracy Neff as Amy brilliantly captured what it feels like to get the cold feet right before your wedding. 

Showcasing the cast’s amusing dancing skills in Side by Side by Side, this musical undoubtedly knows how to entertain its diverse audience. Watching this performance, I was reminded of good old Charlie Chaplin, with his exhilarating tap dancing movements. Through their Side by Side by Side performance, we feel the cast’s enthusiasm and excitement. With the help of its talented orchestra behind the curtains, and the amazing voices and dancing skills of its cast, Company successfully brought every song to life. What makes Company even more entertaining is how the audience can still relate to the scenarios presented in the play. Thirty-seven years later after this play has been written, we can still say that we still have couples and singletons in our society like the characters in this play who go through the same experiences and conflicts. Truly, a play like Company with such a compelling plot will remain popular in years to come.

The Arts Club Theatre Company, now in its 44th season of producing professional live theatre in Vancouver, is a non-profit charitable organization which operates two theatres on a year-round basis.

  • Posted on: 18 March 2016
  • By: Administrator