A Common Man's Guide To Loving Women


The Western Canadian premiere of A Common Man's Guide To Loving Women is presented by Firehall Arts Centre. A Common Man's Guide To Loving Women is written by playwright Andrew Moodie and directed by Denis Simpson. Performances are scheduled from November 11 until December 3, with matinees on Saturday and Sunday. CJSF A&E member, Nick Pannu, reviews the show.

Andrew Moodie's latest production, A Common Man's Guide to Loving Women, examines the dynamics of group conformity, gender equity and political correctness. This, the genuine essence of the play, is not revealed right away. The production starts at an innocent get together of four friends amidst preparations for a friend's stage party. The guys' night out is abruptly cancelled when their friend's fiance breaks off their engagement.

As a result, the fiance shacks up with an acquaintance who will inevitably enhance her career. Here, the audience is misled, believing that this circumstance will exclusively define the conflict of the play. Yet, it is only an ingenious means to swerve the audience so no one is able to anticipate the diverse scenarios and turmoil that will present itself later on. Each individual calamity consolidates by presenting a distinct issue, begging to be addressed and resolved.

Throughout this play, the means of maintaining a relationship are thoroughly examined. Each character divulges their inability to gauge the proper disposition needed to successfully sustain a relationship. Through this, characters submit their biases and at times contempt for the double standards that co-exist for men and women. While certain characters vehemently oppose some privileges that women have, others sternly express the oppressing circumstances women face. Although the medium remains grey, respective characters are enlightened, easing their previously rigid stance.

Andrew Moodie's script emanates considerable depth that engages as well as challenges the audience to examine their own possible shortcomings within relationships. The script is complimented by a professionally designed set. Sometimes it actually feels like the audience is invading someone's apartment. All characters are played by recognizable veteran stage, TV and film actors. Their superb performances have no shortcomings, further accentuating the brilliance of the script.

A Common Man's Guide To Loving Women is playing at the Firehall Arts Centre, 280 East Cordova Street Vancouver until December 3. Call (604)-689-0926 for more information.

  • Posted on: 18 March 2016
  • By: Administrator