Bone in her Teeth

Kelsey Singbeil

Leaky Heaven Circus brings to life the highs and lows of the Raft of Medusa in their production, Bone in her teeth.  CJSF volunteer, Kelsey Singbeil, reviews…

She’s got a bone in her teeth, and Leaky Heaven is ready to gnaw at it.  As a newbie to Leaky Heaven performances, I wasn’t sure what to expect walking into Strathcona’s Russian Hall on a Thursday evening.  But, as Bone in her teeth came to life on stage, I was happy that I had no expectations or preconceived notions about the troupe or performance.

Loosely based on the Raft of Medusa, the original script of Bone in her teeth is a collaborative effort.  With over 15 writers, and just five characters, the play at times seems like it’s going in many different directions. Yet, the energy and wit of actors, Peter Anderson, Jordan Bodiguel, Sasa Brown, Billy Marchenski, and Tanya Podlozniuk keep the play moving no matter where it seems to be heading.

Hill’s inventive use of props and staging keep the night a low-key and intimate affair. This contrasts well with the somewhat taboo topic of the performance. I left the Bone in her teeth wondering about how hungry, and how far one can be pushed when stranded on a raft.  Who thought that you could laugh out loud about cannibalism? It may seem a bit crazy, but so are the folks at Leaky Heaven…

Combined with a few side comments, and audience encouragement by Peter Anderson and Sasa Brown, the Leaky Heaven brings you on board their raft, and make you feel a part of the circus.  Sign me up!

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  • Posted on: 18 March 2016
  • By: Administrator