Arts Club Theatre Company presents Glorious!

Anna Santiago

Directed by Christopher Newton, Glorious has been entertaining Vancouver at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage since January 24.  After watching the smashing hit, Anna Santiago, CJSF correspondent, had this to say…

Glorious, with its light-hearted plot and entertaining cast was indeed worth seeing.

The story behind Glorious is inspiring, entertaining and delightful.  Despite its very small cast, the play manages to keep its audience laughing and engaged in every line delivered.  Written by Peter Quilter, Glorious relives the life of Florence Foster Jenkins, a woman with questionable talent but with admirable passion for singing.  Set in the 1940s/1950s era, Glorious stars Nicola Cavendish as Florence and Jonathan Monro as her accompanist, Cosme McMoon.

Glorious mainly revolves around Madam Jenkins and her determination to share her singing talents to the world.  It also takes a close look at the relationship between Madam Jenkins and other characters like Cosme; her maid, Maria; and her lover, St. Clair Byfield.  Glorious successfully ventures into comedy and drama through its characters. Comedy ensues as we see and listen to Madam Jenkins belt out the tunes to her one and only record.  The dramatics unfold as we witness Madam’s frequent self-realizations of her lack of talent.

Ironically, the ear-popping and deafening sound of Madam Jenkins’ voice on stage is what kept the audience laughing and applauding.  Watching Glorious was indeed like an experience at the opera.  Despite the characters’ lack of talent the performance was riveting and their passion engaging.  Madam Jenkins’ story is heartwarming and encouraging.  Her confidence shines through as “a symbol to those who dreamed but never dared.”  It shows and reminds us that we can be what we aspire to be if we have the courage to withstand others’ criticisms.

With additional shows added until March 2nd, Glorious has indeed demonstrated that in the world of arts and entertainment, passion and not just mere talent is what the audience relates to.

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  • Posted on: 18 March 2016
  • By: Administrator