Three Days Grace

Kerstin Bannert

On January 12th, CJSF volunteer Kerstin Bannert joined several other hundred people who were rocking out and banging their heads along to the jams of The Three Days Grace, this is what she had to say about the show...

Three Days Grace (3DG) have been touring non-stop since the release of their new album “Life starts now” in September 2009 and made a fantastic track list for their concerts to satisfy every single 3DG fan! On January 12th, Three Days Grace really rocked the house at General Motors Place in Vancouver. The crowd was filled with faithful Three Days Grace fans and therefore a great atmosphere was guaranteed right from the beginning. The band front man Adam Gontier played most of their great songs from their past albums and their new one. They started with their new single “Break” and with that they fired up the crowd right.

This show in Vancouver was the new date after the rescheduling of the original concert date back in November 2009 and this rescheduling also lead to a change of the venue from Pacific Coliseum to the GM Place, which turned out to be a great place to have their final Canadian stop before going on their US-tour.

The opening acts for 3DG were “ill Scarlet” and “Default”, who both prepared the crowd well for 3DG. Originally planned as an opening act for the Canadian tour was “The Used” but due to the unforeseen rescheduling of the events in BC and prior commitments by “The Used”, “ill Scarlet” signed in to perform in their place. They played a few reggae-rock songs and geared up the audience for “Default”.

Default came on stage, as the second opener, and so the crowd was already enthusiastic and of course it was something special to play in front of a home-town crowd filled with family and friends. Another special thing through the “warm-up” was when some 3DGs members jumped on the stage in bathing shorts performed their very own Default and Three Days Grace version of “It’s raining man”. A few minutes after this the real show began. Starting with their new single “Break” all people at GM Place was immediately thrilled and everybody stood up to rock the house! Their set list covered songs from all of their albums. To name just a few, we heard Break, Pain, I hate everything about you, Goin’ Down, Never too late, Riot and of course Animal I have become. A suggestion would just be to add “Over and Over” and “Time of Dying” – but it was amazing as it was! A highlight for me was when #DG combined good rock music and fire effects. During the middle of this concert was an amazing drum solo by Neil Sanderson that definitely made everybody spin their heads!

So if you ever get the chance to see Three Days Grace perform live, don’t hesitate! With their front man Adam Gontier, his absolutely great voice and his ability to make the audience work and get them involved was a wonderful experience. It was hard not to get lost in the music. It was nice to see that the crowd was really getting into the show by standing up the whole time and singing along to almost every song they played. So it was definitely an amazing show. In my personal opinion 3DG is one of the best rock bands from Canada!

  • Posted on: 12 April 2016
  • By: Administrator