Jay Peachy

March 5th, 2010 | CJSF Host Jay Peachy took in Adrian Glynn’s show at St. James Hall. Find out why he was pleasantly surprised... 

For those who don’t know, St. James Hall is a former church reformed into a musical space, complete with pews! I was telling a friend that I don’t ever recall drinking beer in church, it was surreal. I said my hello to Adrian as he was setting up a slide and acoustic guitar. I actually thought he was done his set-up, but he preceeded to bring a kick drum, a piano, something that resembled a mandolin (its called a balalaika) and topped up with a harmonica. 

As I popped a cold one and listened to some great music by Adrian, I asked myself; is this what heaven is like? Adrian commanded the room, first with lights down low and the spiritual sounds of a choir. Then Adrian stepped up, his haunting voice filled the space, you could see he’s a natural story teller. Punctuating his words with emotion. I imagined myself in a boxcar with no real destination and in the presence of a wise storyteller, providing guidance on my random journey. 

In his song ‘Marianne’, many could relate to the blind love of a ‘Jimmy Junior Johnson’. But how Adrian tells the story is like a fun ride on an old time roller coaster; on the edge of your seat but you have a big smile at the end. However, even with the control of the pulpit of St. James Hall he doesn’t come across as preachy, he involves the audience as they too carry the rhythm. The variety of instruments showcased his many talents, creating a fascinating visual Kaleidoscope. Sometimes you just want to go for the ride. I don’t suggest missing this one when you have an opportunity. jp

  • Posted on: 12 April 2016
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