The Incredible Hulk

Irma Arkus

Louis Leterrier's version of The Incredible Hulk brings forth a long awaited screen version of the Big Green that will satisfy comic book fans everywhere. CJSF programmer, Irma Arkus reviews…

Unlike Ang Lee's 2003 version of Hulk, which audience judged to be too dark, dramatic, and yet severely lacking in the elements that made Hulk fun (yes, HULK SMASH!), Leterrier's version of the Big Green delivers a well executed, yet somewhat mediocre revival of a comic book character that could have otherwise gone the way of Catwoman.

Edward Norton's contributions to the screenplay have been all but erased (his name no longer graces the writers mentionable names), instead focusing on Norton as an actor who has the chops to deliver the dramatic performance of Bruce Banner, a meek scientist who must face his transformative and destructive inner demons.

Banner, on the run from military branch that funded his Gamma radiation project, is found hidden in Favelas of Brazil. Trying to keep a low profile, Banner is working toward identifying a cure for his condition. Hulk, once it appears, is uncontrollable. He is a weapon of mass destruction of which Banner has no memories.

His efforts thwarted by military extraction force him out of hiding, having to face the aftermath of the incident that turned him into Hulk. Betty Ross, played by Liv Tyler, holds the key to his survival, as she both has the data of the experiment, and Bruce Banner's devotion and love.

Aside from Norton and Tyler somewhat lacking in on-screen chemistry, the story, focused on reconciliation of Banner with his inner Hulk, is a well acted, high performance machine that delivers the punches, the growls, and the action. Tim Roth's appearance as a villain who indulges in a little Gamma Radiation intake himself, is well balanced, as the silver screen stage is set for many Hulk incarnations. Hail to the franchise!

Be on the lookout for the promised astounding 70 minutes of deleted footage to be released in DVD format, and of course, for the appearance of Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr., announcing the further influence of SHIELD in films to come.

To summarize: is it good? Yes. It is good.

  • Posted on: 11 March 2016
  • By: Administrator