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Station Orientation Schedule

Join CJSF as a volunteer, take 45-minute orientation tour!
Drop by (no need to sign up)to get started in radio!
(Room TC216 right over the campus main entrance.)

1st Friday of each month at 3 pm (November 7)
2nd Tuesday of the month at 4pm (no . . . NEWS page

TALK TALK: the Spoken Word Collective Meeting

October 23 5pm CJSF TC216
The bimonthly story meeting for recording, interviewing, storytelling enthusiasts!

At the meeting we will:
- outline the fun stuff you can do with the spoken word and arts department, as well as . . . NEWS page

ΛtopA&E Reviews

Metsatöll @ The Rickshaw Theatre
by Michael Livan

There has been a lot of debate recently on whether rock and metal are dead. I'm just an unpaid metal DJ on a small campus/community radio station and my opinion is usually worth about what I'm being paid for it, but I listen to enough rock and metal and go to enough shows to say with confidence that these styles of are far from dead. The days of bands getting multimillion dollar corporate record deals may be a thing of the past (and I'm not sure that is necessarily a bad thing) but the music is far from dead. Rock is very much alive. Metal in particular is everything it ever was and more. Case in point: the Rickshaw Theater on October 8, 2014.  continued...

Christopher Owens @ The Biltmore Cabaret
by Jesse Gotfrit

Dressed in Californian 70’s attire with disco balls hanging parallel to each other in opposite corners of the stage, Christopher Owens and his band cast a dizzying set that contrasted to the dingy, yet comfortable feeling of the Biltmore.  continued...

VIFF Review: The Chaperone and 1987
by Denise Mok

September 30th was Canadian triumph, with screening of two Canadian films written and directed by creative Quebecers. The screening I attended opened with the Canadian short film, The Chaperone by Fraser Munden and Neil Rathbone and was followed by Ricardo Trogi’s 1987. continued...

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Featured Programs

Embracing Food Justice (Part 2): Transforming Our Food Systems from Seed to
Community Forum
aired Oct 23 from 4:00pm-5:00pm
Q&A Section from Oct 6 SFPiRG talk, Embracing Food Justice.
Check out SFU Ideas and Issues for Oct 22,2014 for Part 1, or look to our soundcloud! LeyAnn Meau (Guerrilla Gardeners Coordinator, Purple continued...
Embracing Food Justice (Part 1): Transforming Our Food Systems from Seed to
SFU Ideas and Issues
aired Oct 22 from 12:00pm-1:00pm
This week is Food Awareness Week at SFU and in celebration we air Part 1 of the audio from the Oct 6 SFPiRG talk, Embracing Food Justice.
For hour 2 of this please listen to Community Forum for OCt 23, 2014 or head over to Soundcloud.com/cjsfradio Food Awareness Week info: http:// continued...
Timothy Shay, Mariner Janes & Dennis E Bolen
Smitten by the Written
aired Oct 22 from 1:00pm-2:00pm
An interview with Timothy Shaw; SFU Library Readings Mariner Janes & Dennis E Bolen

Gender and Justice Panel Discussion, April 24 2012
Intra Venus
aired Oct 22 from 4:00pm-5:00pm
The honourable Donna Martinson, Dalya Israel, Grace Tate, and Kasari Govender, all speak to the challenges of gender based discrimination in the Canad
On April 24th 2012, SFU Woodwards' Office for Community Engagement and Pivot Legal Society presented a panel discussion on Gender and Justice in continued...
(2007) Solving Homelessness: Lessons from the American Approach
SFU Ideas and Issues
aired Oct 15 from 12:00pm-1:00pm
Phillip Mangano speaks on Housing First
Listen to the full presentation on soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/cjsfradio/sets/sfu-ideas-issues As of 2007, Philip F. Mangano is the continued...
...more Featured Programs
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