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ΛtopA&E Reviews

VLAFF Review: He Hated Pigeons
by Chris Yee

Ingrid Veninger’s He Hated Pigeons is a road trip film, but also a tragic love story and a tale of self-discovery — or perhaps re-discovery, or even recovery. In the film, Elias (Pedro Fontaine) sets off quietly on a journey across his native Chile following the sudden (and unexplained) death of his boyfriend, Sebastien (Christobal Tapia Montt). Interspersed throughout are a smattering of brief flashbacks, telling the story of Elias and Sebastien’s relationship from beginning to traumatic end and, more importantly, laying out the motivation for Elias’s journey: he and Sebastien promised to each other that they’d take a trip together to the south of Chile.   continued...

Can You Host a Radio Skills Workshop?
by Magnus Thyvold

We are looking for workshop leaders to help our programmers improve their skills. continued...

Julien Baker at the Cobalt
by Antony Czeto

“You guys are so quiet!” said Julien Baker, 20 year-old singer-songwriter from Memphis Tennessee. In the back of the Cobalt a girl shouts: “We just want to hear you sing!” Julien obliged. Playing all her songs from her 2015 album Sprained Ankle, Julien has been touring North America over the summer. continued...

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Featured Programs

Music; Wukan villagers protest; Dr. Hu Naiwen; Tianjin officials
That Chinese Show
aired Sep 17 from 12:00pm-2:00pm

This week on That Chinese Show 1. Chinese and Canadian music 2. Wukan villagers protest trial of their elected leader 3. Traditional Chinese continued...

Cruise ship sails in NWT; Syrian refugees; Private health care lawsuit
Voice of the North
aired Sep 16 from 4:00pm-5:00pm

News in English and Mandarin 09-16-2016 This week on Voice of the North 1. Crystal Serenity cruise ship sails into Nunavut communities 2. U.S. continued...

Price Paid - Reconciliation Week
The Arts Show
aired Sep 15 from 5:00pm-6:00pm
Bev Sellars - Author, Lawyer, Cheif of Xut'sall Band since 1987.
Today, we look to tomorrow (the 16th) as the beginning of Reconciliation Week that runs to the 22nd of September. So with that in mind, I am continued...

DOPE HAUS - Back 2 School!
Dope Haus/Full Spectrum House
aired Sep 13 from 7:00pm-8:00pm
www.dopeha.us DOPE HAUS host Chanel chats about her experiences heading back to school! Stay tuned next episode for a very exclusive mix from continued...

Music; Hong Kong election; Dr. Hu Naiwen; Mao Zedong concerts canceled
That Chinese Show
aired Sep 10 from 12:00pm-2:00pm

This week on That Chinese Show 1. Chinese and Canadian music 2. Hong Kong legislative election - young activists win seats 3. Traditional Chinese continued...

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