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Explore Vancouver's rich underground music scene through interviews, continued...

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ΛtopA&E Reviews

Upcoming Workshops at CJSF!
by Maegan Thomas

Upcoming Workshops: May 4, 18th - Recording & Short Interviews (1:30pm-3pm CJSF Burnaby TC216) | May 12 - Journalism 101: Fact Checking (6:30 pm Harbour Centre 1525) | May 18 -  Podcasting 101: The Big Picture (6:30 pm Harbour Centre 1510) | May 25 - Collectives 101: Basics of Building and Maintaining a Collective (6:30 pm Harbour Centre 1510) | click through from more details...   continued...

SFSS Accessibility Fund - SFU Ideas & Issues
by Maegan Thomas

Notes from our April 20  & April 27 stories on the SFSS Accessibility Funds. continued...

Julia Holter at the Cobalt Review
by Trevor Wilson

A sellout in Vancouver is an uncommon thing for a non-domestic independent artist, unless the booking agent has done some horrible research and booked an adequate venue, or the artist is some massive superstar. But, with that being said, every now and then some artists are skyrocketed into the limelight by various publications, or craze whipped up by social media and actually sell out the show. continued...

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Featured Programs

Living Wage, Electoral Reform and Kinder Morgan
Community Forum
aired May 19 from 4:00pm-5:00pm
Nevada Cope, Katelynn Northam, Andy Yeh
Today on Community Forum we will be joining Nevada Cope, owner and chef of Vancouver’s newest living wage restaurant called Ritual. CJSF continued...

aired May 18 from 5:00pm-5:30pm
Archaeologists disagree about female figurines
Millions of female figurines have been found by archaeologists, spanning some 40,000 years. Some say they are sex symbols, some say they are continued...

What is the "Barbaric Cultural Practice"?
GroundWire/ Spoken Word Surprise
aired May 17 from 4:00pm-4:30pm
Kitty Cooke talks to Somayeh Bahrami, a moderator at Surrey Philosopher Cafe
Conservatives recently made an attempt to create an RCMP tip line for Canadians to call if they believe a child or woman is a victim of “barbaric continued...

Music; Chaos of China's medical system; Dr. Hu Naiwen; Beijing Opera
That Chinese Show
aired May 14 from 12:00pm-2:00pm

This week on That Chinese Show 1. Chinese and Canadian music 2. A university student's death exposes the chaos of China's medical system 3. continued...

FemConquest - Ep. 32
aired May 13 from 2:00pm-3:00pm

Today on FemConquest: Nennen - Animalia - Anoushka Shankar - Georgian Bay - Yolks - La Luna - Kim & The Created - Sadie Campbell - Brenda's continued...

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