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Jesse Brown: Keynote Speech MDD 2015

plus Peak Speak looks at Mosquitos, and Coho Salmon
This week:

Peak Speak - Mosquitos; Coho Salmon from Chantelle & Austin


excerpts from the Media Democracy Days 2015 Keynote Speech from Jesse Brown (CANADALAND Mondays 5pm on CJSF)


Health Matters: Exam Prep - this weeks ep suffered from technical difficulties, we will re air when it is ready!

Music: Andre Chrys, window to nowhere

What does Terry Fox Mean to You? and Women Designing Cities

the First 50 at SFU; City Conversations
Today on the show:
Peak Speak - Research Roundup with Chantelle and Austin

SFU's 50th Anniversary on CJSF: the First 50 - Terry Fox
Sarshar H talks to attendees at the 2015 Terry Fox Run at SFU Burnaby, as well as words from the man himself.

City Conversations: Would Cities be Different if They Were Designed by Women? Nov 5, 2015 (excerpts)

Tune in to the full conversation here:

While there are many inspirational female architects, planners and municipal politicians in cities around the world, the biggest decisions about urban development are often made by men.

A 2014 campaign by Women Transforming Cities highlighted the fact that just 16 percent of mayors and 26 percent of city councillors across Canada were women. Relatedly, The Guardian has reported that all over the world urban development professions remain heavily male-dominated, more so than other spheres such as education or healthcare.

Moreover, a recent report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, took stock of how women are faring in five key areas in our country’s biggest cities and finds that when it comes to pay, jobs, and safety, men and women still don't get equal treatment.

Does this lack of female representation affect the design of our cities? Would our housing, office buildings, streetscapes, and public spaces look or feel any different if more women were a part of designing them? Would women fare better in cities if they played a larger leadership role?

This provocative issue will be explored by Ellen Woodsworth, Chairperson of Women Transforming Cities, Carla Guerrera, Vice-President, Planning & Community Development at Darwin Properties, and Iglika Ivanova, a senior economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Sandy Garossino, Editor-in-Chief of the Vancouver Observer will be moderating the conversation.

Note, this week's episodes of WINGS (Weds 4pm) also looks at women and cities! WINGS #30-15 Safer Cities for Women Delhi is doing
The Centre in Delhi has 10 years' experience in applied research and multi-stakeholder organizing from the ground up, to make cities safer for women to enjoy. Kalpana Viswanath directs Gender Inclusive Cities, a project of the Montreal-based nonprofit Women in Cities International. A longtime researcher on women's issues with a PhD in Sociology, she is the former director and a current board member of Jagori. She addressed the International Association of Women in Radio and TV in September 2015.

Media Democracy Days 2010

Wed Nov 11 12p
Conversations from organizations and attendees at the 2010 Media Democracy Days Media Fair, by Bruce Whittington

Tune in to Community Forum Nov 12 and future episodes of SFU Ideas & Issues for more from Media Democracy Days 2015.

Bike to Work Week & SURJ at SFU

Bike Cafe Comments; SFU's first scienctific undergrad research journal
It's Bike to Work Week at SFU. To celebrate we hear some comments from one of SFU's best kept secrets, the Bike Cafe Series, in a story from Maggie Porier.

Then, this month on Health Matters, Haaris Mahmood talks to SFU's first science undergraduate research journal or SURJ! Specifically Emma Atkinson, one of the founders, discusses what the journal is about, and how students can get involved. For more information about SURJ, people visit:

Health Matters is a student oriented health show produced by Haaris Mahmood, airing the last Wed of the month.

Health & Brewing

Movember 2015; CARMAH (Mental Health Research); SFU Brews
Today on the show:

Tyler Small of Movember talks about the new MOVE initiative, and how men have a hard time talking about their health.

CARMAH (Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction) talks to Prince Bapakaye about their most recent research on youth mental health indicators.

From Nov 2014, Neelam Gandiva attends the launch of the SFU Craft Brewing Certificate, which ends its first year this fall.

SFU Young Conservatives; Students United for Disability Support

#Elxn42 at SFU; Disability Awareness Week
Correction! During the intro to our talk with Weldon Haywood, we said "co-founder" rather than "president" - SUDS has been around for 20 years and CJSF doesn't want to undermine the incredible work of the founders, our apologies!

This week we talk to:

Weldon Haywood about Students United for Disability Support ( and the first Disabilities Awareness Week at SFU Oct 19-23rd, 2015.
Info, Schedule & Registration:

Sherri Brown, SFU Political Science & Labour Studies professor, about Medicare For Autism Now, a non-profit organization that advocates that science-based autism treatment ABA/IBI be covered under Medicare. MFAN has a campaign 'One in 68', asking candidates running for MP in targeted ridings all over Canada if they were to be elected would they support and implement changes to the Canadian Health Act to include autism treatment.

SFU Young Conservatives join us in studio. You can hear from the SFU NDP and SFU Geens on our CJSF is happy to give students a chance to discuss their chosen party's and what it means to them as students and youth. Please compare the platforms and discussions as each of our visitors was given fairly free space to present their points of view.

SFU's First 50, the 2015 Stirling Prize, Tuition Increases

guests: George Bowering, Stephen Collis, Lynne Quarmby, Anchit Bansal
On today's show:

SFU's First 50 - George Bowering
Bowering, poet, former SFU professor, and SFU alumni, talks about the past, present and future of SFU's radical politics during his NOve 2014 reading at SFU Special Collections in connection to Bowering's Books from the Capilano Review. t,-a-special-issue-of-The-Capilano-Review/

The Stirling Prizes
We hear an interview about the work that earned
"Stephen Collis, a professor in Simon Fraser University’s Department of English, and Lynne Quarmby a professor in SFU’s Department of Molecular Biology and Chemistry...the 2015 recipients of SFU’s Nora and Ted Sterling Prize in Support of Controversy for their extensive work in sustainable energy and materials policy surrounding pipeline issues."

SFSS Advocacy for Students re: Tuition Increases
Anchit Bansal, 2nd Year Business student and President of Humans of Mutual Engagement (HOME) has a petition to call for and support the Advocacy Committee at SFU to advocate against the tuition increases at SFU.

Clubs Spotlight; Health Matters

SFU Surrey Clubs Days; Bounce Back
After your weekly Peak Speak we have:

Clubs Spotlight! Live from Surrey Clubs Days 2015
Excerpts from our live broadcast Sept 29 featuring music and interviews with the Bit Coin Club and Sketch Club

Health Matters: We have Carmella from the Canadian Mental Health Association, and she tells us about a really great opportunity called the Bouce Back program. This program is awesome for students dealing with any kind of anxiety or depression! For more information about this great program, please visit:

Indigenous Food Catering; #ELXN42; Yes to Build SFU

student & federal campaigns for change
Stories this week:

Though it was in process, the fate of Indigenous Catering at SFU has hit a road block. We speak with the First Nations Student Union Catering Committee about the issue, as well as talking on the values and accessibility of student movements on campus.

We preview some of the conversation we had with Burnaby North (Seymour) Federal MP Candidates Lynne Quarmby (SFU Biology, Green Party) and Terry Beech (Entrepreneurship Program, Liberal Party). Listen to more on Community Forum, Sept 24 4pm.

Then, live in studio, we have members of No to Build SFU and Simon Fraser Student Society (Yes to Build SFU) to talk about the vote on Sept 22 which passed the bylaws that would ensure funding for the project.

The Tartan; SFU Indigenous Day

SFU's newest publication; artists celebrate culture
We talk to members of the Tartan Magazine, a hefty quarterly from the weekly Peak SFU.

Then more conversation with artists from SFU Indigenous Day (check out our September 10 episode).

SFU Indigenous Day - September 24, 2015

2nd annual celebration of indigenous cultures
Tune in for a preview of the second annual SFU Indigenous Day, September 24 2015 with Laura Forsyth, First Nations Student Association (among many other roles) and of the Red River Settlement Winnipeg Manitoba,
and Michael Harris of the Gitxsan Nation, Elder of Talking Circles.

Music: Kristi Lane Sinclair

Embark Sustainability; Mayor Jonathan Cote

Sustainable SFU rebrand; New West Transit
Leadership from EMBARK, aka the new Sustainable SFU, tell CJSF discuss why they are changing it up. The rebranding - in other words a reorientation of the goals and approach of the organization - was led by SFU students. Embark launched on September 1, 2015.

Just before the rebrand, what was formerly SFU Sustainability welcomed a new executive director. Meet them here:

Then, Mayor Jonathan Cote, New Westminster: the SFU Alumni talks about his reaction to the "failed" MetroVan Transit Tax referendum, the Mayor's Council and New West Transportation Plan, and where he thinks funding should be coming from.

Previously, we talked to two activists about the ref:

Orangutans, Letters From the Inside, Alternative Medicine

Peak Speak, a chat with SFPiRG, Health Matters
Orangutans and Kindness -Peak Speak has some choice stories from the Peak SFU.

An interview with Lisa Ortan, coordinator of Letters From the Inside at the SFU Public Interest Research Group, from the Aug 6, Prisoner Justice Day edition of Community Forum.

And the monthly feature: Health Matters, Alternative Medicine.

SFU Labour Update

Aug 19 12p - live in studio
The Teaching Support Staff Union is back in studio to update us on the current situation with SFU.

And Tamara Connor, SFU student, joins us to tell us why she is ashamed of the situation here at SFU.

Previous stories on the recent job action:

Campus Freedoms - to read, to access washrooms, to live affordably

repeat of live studio show Feb 25
originally aired Feb 25, 2015 live in studio

Holly Hendrigan about Freedom to Read Week at SFU
Steven Galloway, Freedom to Read Guest
(For an interview with Raziel Reid check out this link to NCRA Program Exchange/ Endeavours website.

Nathan Trudeau with a discussion of an act of transactivism, the SHIT IN

CJSF members Madeline and Gurpreet talk about the current status of Louis Riel House expulsion

Elise Chenier on PinkWashing: Queer Critique of Israel's ProLGBTQ Politics

12p Wed Aug 5 Pride Edition
In this hour, we present an interview with Elise Chenier by Madeline Taylor (IntraVenus 4pm), and a recording of her lecture PinkWashing: The Queer Critique of Israel's Pro-Lesbian and Gay Politics in a Historical Perspective. In 2014 Queers Against Israeli Aparthied spoke against an ad in the Vancouver Queer Film Festival program from "Yad b’Yad:. They noted "Yad bYad" is a pinkwashing organization devoted to promoting ties between the state of Israel and LGBTQ communities in Canada." QuAIA has retired as an organization, but other organizations are continuing the boycott in 2015.

Check out any missing on air content and more Pride Programming here:

Elise Chenier is an Associate Professor in the Simon Fraser University Department of History and an associate faculty member of the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. Her research focuses on aspects of sexuality and gender in twentieth century Canada and the United States. Dr. Chenier is also the Director of the Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony.

More info: If you are an SFU student we suggest you contact Out On Campus for their perspective on this issue. There are many resources to be found, here are a few CJSF ran into while researching this topic.

2015 updates on VQFF

Video & Online Resources
Center for Gay and Lesbian Studies panel

A WINGS Episode on the Queer BDS moment

Mayor Jonathan Cote, New West, on MetroVan Transit Tax Referendum

July 29 12p - plus regular features Peak Speak and Health Matters
Peak Speak - Renaissance Coffee, Food Waste

Mayor Jonathan Cote, New Westminster: the SFU Alumni talks about his reaction to the "failed" MetroVan Transit Tax referendum, the Mayor's Council and New West Transportation Plan, and where he thinks funding should be coming from.
Last week we talked to two activists about the ref:

Then the monthly Health Matters. This month: Ethics with Prof Jeremy Snyder.

LNG in BC: Risk or Reward

an SFU conversation
Liquefied Natural Gas in BC: Risk or Reward

from Carbon Talks and the Pacific Institute for Climate, hosted by SFU Vancouver November 2012.

featuring: Marc Lee, Senior Economist with the BC Office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, and Co-Director of the Climate Justice Project. Author of BC’s Legislated Greenhouse Gas Targets vs Natural Gas Developments

David Austin, Associate Counsel Clark Wilson LLP, and a leading lawyer in British Columbia in the field of energy and electricity

Canada's Role in Global Food Security

featuring SFU International Studies Prof Ramiro Lopes de Silva
Feb. 8 2013: Georgia Straight editor Charlie Smith moderates a dialogue that will discuss Canada’s Role in Global Food Security. The panel featured an array of expertise on the subject, including Gerardo Otero, SFU International Studies professor, Ramiro Lopes de Silva, UN World Food Program assistant executive director, Evelyne Guindon, vice president of CARE Canada’s international program and Stephen Nairne, managing director of the Lundin Foundation.

The free public dialogue was part of a discussion of international development and global food security, as part of the Canadian International Development Agency’s (CIDA) International Development Week (IDW).

“IDW is dedicated to raising awareness of global issues and features how Canada and is making a difference internationally,” explains Sarah Dench, executive director for SFU International.

aired originally August 2013.

Transit Referendum - Failure or Near Miss?

with guest Andrew Longhurst, MA Candidate Geography (Urban)
Many are disappointed in the transit referendum failing. Why did it fail? And why might socially progressive lovers of public transit have voted no? On the July 8th edition of ‪#‎SFU‬ Ideas & Issues (Weds 12p), we talk to Urban Geography MA Candidate Andrew Longhurst about the taxation, planning and poverty issues obscured by the Yes and No referendum campaigns.

For further reading, Andrew suggests:

BC's Regressive Tax Shift: A Decade of Diminishing Tax Fairness, 2000 – 2010 and - See more at:

SustainableSFU Staff Segue; Health Matters

SFU I&I Weds 12p
Today on the show, SustainableSFU's Mike Soren (exiting exec director) and Joshua Cairns (incoming exec director) talk about what's next for the organization.

Then, each last Weds of the Month, we hear from Haaris and Health Matters - topics that matter to students and their health. Today's topic: alternative medicine.