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Zavier Aguila
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Embracing Food Justice (Part 1): Transforming Our Food Systems from Seed to
This week is Food Awareness Week at SFU and in celebration we air Part 1 of the audio from the Oct 6 SFPiRG talk, Embracing Food Justice.
For hour 2 of this please listen to Community Forum for OCt 23, 2014 or head over to

Food Awareness Week info:

Note: SFPiRG is not an presenter of Food Awareness Week

from Our relationship to food, especially in cities, is a complex one and for many of us it is characterized by disconnection. However, food—and how it is produced, distributed, accessed, and eaten—is central to the intersecting social, cultural, environmental, and economic crises of our time. A food justice movement has arisen in recent years that seeks to address the structural inequalities of colonialism, racism, capitalism, classism, gender inequities (and more) that are inherent in our food systems.

This global food justice movement seeks to transform our food systems from seed to table and to provide equitable, sustainable and just ways forward. Join us for an exciting evening that aims to offer insight into the food justice movement and to provide strategies for transforming our place in the food systems we are part of. Talk followed by Q & A.


LeyAnn Meau (Guerrilla Gardeners Coordinator, Purple Thistle)
Cease Wyss (Indigenous Food Sovereignty Activist)
Paul Taylor (Executive Director of Gordon Neighbourhood House)


Heather Gies (Food Sovereignty MA Student at SFU & SFPIRG Staff Member)

Talk info online: