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Intra Venus

Wednesday 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Kitty Cooke, Laura Scheck
Women's Issues

The CJSF Women's Collective presents stories and music by and about self identified women and the gender issues we deal with.

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Gender, Policy and The Muppets

Kitty Cooke, Evangeline Hogg, Jessica Knowler, Laura Scheck
Today on IntraVenus we have our inaugural "Knowler Knows" segment with MA Student Jessica Knowler! We also have a full-episode Feminist News Update!
Topics include:
- An update on Saudi womens' voting rights
- Mrs. Universe and Indigenous politics in Canada
- A feminist take on Miss Piggy and Kermit's breakup
- Feminist Tinder
- And many more!

Online Harassment & IntraVenus News Update

Kitty Cooke & Laura Scheck
Today we interview Hannah Maté, creator of the blog hey SUP girl, which aims to bring attention to the ridiculous and sexist things women often hear from men while in the online dating sphere. Later in the show, Kitty and Laura introduce a new segment, the IntraVenus Feminist News Update. We discuss 'Female Viagra' Chelsea Manning's disciplinary restrictions, the mass murders or trans* women of colour this year, and Suadi Arabian women's new right to vote.

Vancouver "Girl Bands"

female and local music hour!
Madeline Taylor plays music by all girl, mostly girl, or girl fronted Vancouver bands.

Pride Day: Biphobia & Gender-Inclusive Washrooms

Kitty Cooke, Laura Scheck, Madeline Taylor, and Evangeline Hogg
Kitty, Laura, Madeline, and Evangeline voice their thoughts on biphobia and societal assumptions regarding bisexuality. Laura interviews Nathan Lyndsay and Marlena Boyle on their experiences during the Feburary 18th "Shit-In" for gender-inclusive washrooms this year and the progress they are making in getting these washrooms on SFU campuses.

Hear the original "SHIT IN" interview and some great bands here

Ladies Makin' Waves


Host Kiara Shibley plays an hour of all-new all-female music! With tunes from Crystal Precious, Elohim, Circuit des Yeux, Girlpool, and many more!

Feminist Symbolism and Hormonal Contraception

Laura Scheck, Kitty Cooke, and Michelle Petrozzi
In the first half hour we will be discussing hormonal contraception and some issues surrounding it, as well as the wonders of feminist jewelry (clitoris rings, anyone?).
In the second half hour we'll listen to some fabulous femcon.

Women in Electronic Music


Laura highlights women in the history of electronic music from the early 20th Century until today. Starting from the 1930's, the lives and works of women who made a contribution to the electronic genre are discussed.

Menstruation Matters

the politics of periods
Today on IntraVenus, the CJSF women's collective (Laura Scheck, Jessica Knowler, Kiara Shibley) speaks to some of the recent news and politics of menstruation. Topics include:
- recent lifting of GST from menstruation tampons etc
- the "Free Bleed" movement
- the special stigma around menstruation
and more!

Thanks to Dominique Christina for her piece the Period Poem.

Music by Canadian Women

It's Canada Day!
In this episode, Kitty and Laura discuss the politics of Canada Day, Canada's colonial history, and the disproportionate violence faced by Indigenous women. Later, they play music by exclusively Canadian women, with a particular focus on Indigenous female artists.

Rape Prevention Reinvention

IntraVenus Weds 4pm
In reference to the recent Canadian study on the success of a recent education-based sexual assault prevention program, we discuss what this study means in terms of developing perpetrator centric rape prevention, and survivor centric care, and have some of the conversations we wish the mainstream media was having about the study's place in addressing sexual assault.

The study:

An example of some thoughtful media on the study:

Joining us in studio:

Leah Horlick, administrator at the SFU Women's Centre and poet/writer. Her latest work For Your Own Good speaks to her own experience as a survivor of sexual violence.
(Check out our extended conversation about this from a previous episode.

Lucia Lorenzi doctoral candidate in the Department of English at UBC. Her research focuses on sexual violence in Canadian literature and culture. Her anti-violence organizing focuses largely on sexual assault on college campuses - she is a frequent contributor to"

Laugh so you don't cry; from March 2015, perpetrator centric rape prevention tips upset men:


special programming June 17-21 1-5
June 17th Musqeuam Culture - Centre- Gallery

MC`D by Gunargie and Musqueam Training and Employment Student
1:00-1:30pm Christie Lee
1:30-2:00pm Murray Porter
2:00-2:15pm Intro First Nations Health Authority
2:15-2:30pm Provincial Health Authority
2:40-3:00pm Ryan Gonzales
3:00-3:40pm First Nations Health Authority
3;40-4:00pm Warren Hooley Beat Boxer
4:00-4:30pm Cheryl Bear-Barnetson
4:30-4:50pm Rez Warrior-Larry Hanson

Find the Full Schedule here!

Women's News & Grooves


This week on IntraVenus, Laura Scheck, Madeline Taylor, and Kitty Cooke talk about contemporary social issues.

In our first half hour we talk about the Radical Monarchs, a radical feminist version of the girl scouts in the USA:

We talk about the recent suicide of bi-sexual teenager Adam Kizer, and issues faced by bi-sexual people in our culture:

Finally, we talk about online responses to the Anti-feminist movement.

In our second half hour, Laura Scheck plays music from female artists spanning the genre spectrum.

"SHE" at Fazakas Gallery

Live in Studio, artist interviews from "SHE"
Is SHE there yet? How far has SHE come? How far does SHE need to go?

What does it mean to be a woman in our ever-changing social landscape? How do female artists perceive the impact of gender on their work, practice, and career? Do they even want their gender to be a discussion point?

In the Fazakas Gallery's newest show, SHE, three very diverse female artists Rosa Quintana, Carollyne Yardley, and Trace Yeomans come together for a visual discussion.

Today on IntraVenus, we have interviews with Rosa Quintana, Trace Yeomans, and gallery owner Latiesha Fazakas speaking about the inspiration behind "SHE", what being a woman means to them, and what inspires their individual art and work.

"SHE" runs at the Fazakas Gallery on 145 West 6th Avenue, Vancouver from May 23rd - June 20th

In current events news, Kitty Cooke reports on the recent Cannes film festival shoe controversy, and how this relates to ableism.

Michelle Petrozzi spoke on the movement to make the Canadian National anthem gender neutral, championed recently by Margaret Atwood.

Laura Scheck talked about "Rent Cheque" happening at the Astoria TONIGHT Wednesday May 27th.


live in studio! we talk #FierceVoices with Jessica Knowler
This week on IntraVenus, Kitty Cooke, Laura Scheck and Madeline Taylor talk about the loud backlash against the newest Mad Max film: Fury Road.

In our second half hour, we are joined by Jessica Knowler, Board member for Women Transforming Cities, and organizer of the #FierceVoices series.

#FierceVoices is a series of events focused on building capacity for women in media, and this coming Saturday May 23rd is the third and largest event in the series. We talk with Jessica about how this event came to be, how to organize with an eye to intersectionality, why it's so important now, and how the media landscape has changed.

The final #FierceVoices event will be held at SFU Centre for Dialogue from 1-5pm on Saturday May 23rd.

For more info:

Leah Horlick - For Your Own Good

live in studio!
Leah Horlick is a local poet with an explosive 2015 release For Your Own Good. She is also the new coordinator at the SFU Women's Centre.

Leah will read for us, plus we'll look at the layers of Leah from her work to her feminism to her identities.

Music is Fern ("most of her work was the soundtrack to FYOG" says Horlick).

Living Wage and Labour Issues

We present a documentary produced for Media Works, by Madeline Taylor, Maegan Thomas, and Obediya Jones-Darrell.
In the week since MayDay, we talk about Labour Issues in Canada, and institutionalized inequality.

In our second half hour, we air a documentary written and produced for Media Works by Madeline Taylor and Maegan Thomas, with production help from Obediya Jones-Darrell. Our documentary is about Labour Issues in Alternative Media, with a focus on the Living Wage, and it's viability as an equity tool in alternative media. We interviewed community radio producers, activists, and academics from across Canada in the research we did in preparation for this documentary. We hope that this documentary will serve as a jumping off point for more discussion about labour issues, and living wage in alternative media and elsewhere.

Kink Talks Back


Kink Talks Back

‘Kink Talks Back: Fifty Shades of Grey – A Colloquium.’ presented by Laura Scheck
On April 9th, an event was put on by Metro Vancouver Kink and SFU’s Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, entitled ‘Kink Talks Back: Fifty Shades of Grey – A Colloquium.’

This event was put on to bring together kinksters to hash out the problematic representations of kink in the 50 shades book/movie franchise and, as the event page states, “to correct the mass media lens on BDSM to adjust for the human reality that we live every day.” A number of members of the Vancouver kink community and other kink communities took part in this colloquium, but the most relevant one for IntraVenus was the segment covering “The Real Women of Kink”, presented by Aysha, a local kinkster and sex-positive activist. In this segment she discusses the representations of women in kink, or rather misrepresentations, as well as her own experience of being not only a submissive, but also a dominant in her kinky sexual relationships.

Part of our discussion before the prerecorded section revolved around this commentary from Laura:

"Before we air the clip, I would like to briefly point out that, although the segment is meant to focus on the WOMEN of kink, much of the segment is still directed at discussing men; while I was at the event listening to this, it struck me as odd that even when the focus is meant to be on women…we still end up talking about men. Perhaps we should take a second to think about this and keep it in mind when we are having discussions about women and women’s issues, that we ensure that women are, indeed, the topic of discussion."

Into the Woods - Feminism, Environmentalism

IntraVenus 4pm
originally aired Feb 1, 2015.

Madeline Taylor and Kitty Cooke discuss environmentalism, feminism, and the developing Gamergate story at the top of the hour.

At half past the hour, we air an interview with Jacqueline Lee-Tam, Vancouver based climate justice activist and blogger about her activism, feminism, and the challenges of being a youth climate change activist.

For more information on Gamergate:…non-geeks-164290908…ate-controversy…olating-policies…depression-quest


Laura Scheck, of CJSF's Women's Collective IntraVenus previews FemconQuest.
Today's episode is all about FEMCON!

FemCon, like CanCon, is a marker used in radio to track how much of the content we air represents women.

In order for a song to qualify as FemCon, two of four categories must be fulfilled:

- The Music must be written by a woman
- The Artist must be a woman
- It must be produced/recorded by a woman
- The Lyrics must be by a woman

The IntraVenus collective has been working towards 35% of all content played on CJSF meeting this standard, and this show is a step in that direction.

In our first half hour, Laura Scheck plays music from 6 new female artists to watch.

In our second half hour Madeline Taylor pulls songs from the vault that made her a better feminist.


Laura Scheck, of CJSF's Women's Collective preview FemconQuest
Today's episode is all about FEMCON!

FemCon, like CanCon, is a marker used in radio to track how much of the content we air is by women.

In order for a song to qualify as FemCon, two of four categories must be fulfilled:

- The Music must be written by a woman
- The Artist must be a woman
- It must be produced/recorded by a woman
- The Lyrics must be by a woman

The IntraVenus collective has been working towards 35% of all content played on CJSF meeting this standard, and this show is a step in that direction.

In our first half hour, Laura Scheck plays music from 6 new female artists to watch.

In the second half hour, Madeline Taylor pulls from the vault, songs that made her a better feminist.

Moe Clark, Poet; Radical Spirits Vancouver

from the CJSF archives
Ophira Horowitz interviews Moe Clark, a Montreal based poet, singer and songwriter about her recent album, feminism, and the power of female solidarity in conflict.

In February 2014, Nadine Chan covered a Radical Spirits event in Vancouver. She spoke to artists present about feminism, art, the spiritual, and the ghostly.

Originally aired December 24, 2014.


Host Kitty Cooke presents an interview by Maggie Poirier with Mudgirls
This week on Intra Venus we feature an interview by collective member Maggie Poirier with Claire Kenny, a member of the Mudgirls collective.

Mudgirls is a network of women builders on the west coast of BC, Canada. Specializing in using local, natural and recycled materials, they can be hired to build with you or for you, to create whatever your heart desires. This collective of women are passionate about sustainable building, knowledge sharing, and a collective model of work.

In out round table, we talk about a recent sexual assault that happened in Vancouver neighbourhood Strathcona, and the unexpected community response in support of the survivor.

Sarah and her Good Bad Luck

IntraVenus is live in the booth with Sarah Jickling and her Good Bad Luck.
Sarah Jickling, Vancouver based indie pop artist has had a whirlwind year, and we were lucky to catch her live at CJSF for an interview and some songs!

Sarah is in the midst of recording a new solo album as 'Sarah and her Good Bad Luck'. We chatted about transitioning from being in the Oh Wells to life as a solo performer, mental illness, and how she writes such great pop songs.


Presenting MarsBarb, an interview with Barbara Keith, future Martian.
This week on IntraVenus, we present an interview with documentary film maker Milena Salazar, and Barbara Keith, a final candidate for the Mars One mission to Mars which is set for launch in 2025.

Barb is the subject of Milena's documentary, MarsBarb, which was recently accepted into the DOXA film festival. We talk about her love of space, her hopes for the mission, and why she is so excited about the prospect of a one-way mission to the red planet.

Before that, the Dames of the Round Table talk about the pro-choice movement and issues of agency faced by self-identified women.

Gender Props

Madeline and Kitty host live
From Int'l Women's Day, Kitty Stirling's interview with Heather Hermant about ribcage: wide passage where a Jewish Woman keeps herself safe by "passing" as a Gentile Man - plus new live review!

Then a round table chat about performing/enacting masculinity from our various perspectives.